Melesse & Habtam’s Home Dedication

Elyse Johnson | Author Allie Turck | Editor Published 11/20/2020 Photographers: Shae Allen John Lehman Donald Riedesel A celebration of hope and happiness. This is a Home Dedication, beyond the passing of the keys and the signing of papers. Our Habitat Homes represent the coming together of our community to give others a hand-up. Our homeowners work hard with us to help create their safe and affordable home. This past month, Habitat for Humanity

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My Internship Reflection

Elizabeth Lutz | Author Published 10/16/2020 Written 7/28/2020 My name is Elizabeth Lutz. I’m from Missouri and attend school in Illinois. Originally this summer, I planned to travel abroad to visit friends and family. Soon enough, my flights were cancelled and I was left with no summer plans. Knowing I’d be spending a lot of time at home, I looked online for ways to fill my time. I found an internship that did

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Habitat Accessible Bathroom Remodels

Allie Turck | Author Elyse Johnson | Editor Published 11/6/2020 Planning ADA Tips Conversion Options Grab Bars Shower Bar & Curtain ADA Vanity & Sink Toilet More than 80% of bathroom-related injuries are caused by slips and falls, mostly while getting in and out of the tub or shower. A majority of these falls lead to serious injuries

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Meet Mrs. Simmons

Allie Turck | Author Elyse Johnson | Editor Published 10/30/2020 Partner Contractors: All Pest Solutions Lone Star State Mitigation After the calamity of World War II, all around the country homes were built for the veterans returning home. Small, manufactured homes made simply and affordably. They were built specifically for those returning veterans and their families. One of those veteran families was Mr. Simmons, a WWII Army Systems Mechanic, and his wife Mrs. Simmons.

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What Type of Flooring is Best for Your Home?

Allie Turck | Author Elyse Johnson | Editor Published 10/23/2020 The flooring throughout your home can have a large effect on your lifestyle, especially for people with mobility limitations, The majority of serious fall injuries occur in people over 65, and many of our 65+ population have stayed in their same home for prolonged periods of time. Because of these long periods of time with homeowners who are unable to repair or replace damaged

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Meet: Edrena

Elizabeth Lutz | Author Elyse Johnson | Editor Published 10/16/2020 Partner Contractors: Roof Replacement provided by Swan Roofing LLC Backstory: Edrena is a Garland resident who suffers from Parkinson's disease and seizures. Due to this limitation, she is no longer able to work -- living month to month on very minimal disability checks. After paying all the necessary bills, Edrena has only around ten dollars to

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Meet: Brenda

Elizabeth Lutz | Author Elyse Johnson| Editor Published 10/7/2020 Partner Contractors:Flooring installed by Mezquite InstallationsElectrical repairs provided by Rockwall ElectricOthers HFHGG installed laminate flooring where Brenda had only concrete before HVAC unit and ADA compliant walk-in tub installed in Brenda's home Before and After of Brenda's Living Room with installed laminate Backstory:Brenda worked full time as an office administrator until 2011, taking care of her mother and aunt in the

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Meet: Mr. McClendon

Veteran Background Mr. McClendon is a US Naval Veteran of the First Gulf War. He has lived in Richardson, Texas since he was 4 years old and only ever left to serve in the military. He has been in his current home for over 50 years! Mr. McClendon is both a Texas Veteran and a Veteran of Foreign War. In 1989 Mr. McClendon enlisted into the United States Navy and worked his way to become an Electronic Technician

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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog! We are Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland (HFHGG). We serve in Garland, Sachse, and Rowlett, Texas. Our mission is to put God's love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. How do we do this? We build new homes, repair existing homes, and sell lightly used home and construction products within our community in order to serve those who need it the most. What is Habitat for Humanity?

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