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November 2020

Melesse & Habtam’s Home Dedication


Elyse Johnson | Author Allie Turck | Editor Published 11/20/2020 Photographers: Shae Allen John Lehman Donald Riedesel A celebration of hope and happiness. This is a Home Dedication, beyond the passing of the keys and the signing of papers. Our Habitat Homes represent the coming together of our community to give others a hand-up. Our homeowners work hard with us to help create their safe and affordable home. This past month, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland (HFHGG) was proud to have hosted a Home Dedication ceremony for our homeowners, Melesse and Habtam! Background Our Habitat homeowners, Melesse and Habtam, came to the United States from Ethiopia both to join their family in the states as well as escape political turmoil in their country. Melesse came to the States first to secure housing and

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October 2020

Meet Mrs. Simmons


Allie Turck | Author Elyse Johnson | Editor Published 10/30/2020 Partner Contractors: All Pest Solutions Lone Star State Mitigation After the calamity of World War II, all around the country homes were built for the veterans returning home. Small, manufactured homes made simply and affordably. They were built specifically for those returning veterans and their families. One of those veteran families was Mr. Simmons, a WWII Army Systems Mechanic, and his wife Mrs. Simmons. They bought their home in 1953 for a total of $7,750 dollars, a staggeringly low price compared to today's housing market. Over the years, they were able to manage the upkeep of the house and raised their family in a happy, healthy home. Sadly, things have changed, Mrs. Simmons’ daughter recalls, “After my dad died and since my Mother has gotten a lot older she hasn’t been able to

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Meet: Edrena


Elizabeth Lutz | Author Elyse Johnson | Editor Published 10/16/2020 Partner Contractors: Roof Replacement provided by Swan Roofing LLC Backstory: Edrena is a Garland resident who suffers from Parkinson's disease and seizures. Due to this limitation, she is no longer able to work -- living month to month on very minimal disability checks. After paying all the necessary bills, Edrena has only around ten dollars to herself. This was not enough to put into savings for emergencies such as her roof. Edrena’s roof has been deteriorating for a few months, but because of financial restrictions, she was unable to do anything about it. A friend told her about Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland (HFHGG), and she thought she may as well give it a shot and apply. She prayed about it, and thought that

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Meet: Brenda


Elizabeth Lutz | Author Elyse Johnson| Editor Published 10/7/2020 Partner Contractors:Flooring installed by Mezquite InstallationsElectrical repairs provided by Rockwall ElectricOthers HFHGG installed laminate flooring where Brenda had only concrete before HVAC unit and ADA compliant walk-in tub installed in Brenda's home Before and After of Brenda's Living Room with installed laminate Backstory:Brenda worked full time as an office administrator until 2011, taking care of her mother and aunt in the evenings. After 20 years working, she was let go from her position. Shortly after, both her mother and aunt died within one year of each other. It only seemed to get worse, as her home began falling apart. She quickly fell into a deep depression and her physical health began to fail. Brenda had lived with health issues for decades (she was hit by a drunk driver in her

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July 2020

Meet: Mr. McClendon


Veteran Background Mr. McClendon is a US Naval Veteran of the First Gulf War. He has lived in Richardson, Texas since he was 4 years old and only ever left to serve in the military. He has been in his current home for over 50 years! Mr. McClendon is both a Texas Veteran and a Veteran of Foreign War. In 1989 Mr. McClendon enlisted into the United States Navy and worked his way to become an Electronic Technician on the NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile, attaining a rank of FC2. During his service in the First Gulf War, he earned: the National Defense Service Medal, 2 Battle “E” Ribbons, the Good Conduct Award, a Sea Service Deployment with a bronze star, and a Southwest Asia Service Medal with a bronze star. Mr. McClendon served on the USS Ranger maintaining, operating, and repairing the Short Range Defensive Missile System.

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June 2020

Welcome to our blog!


Welcome to our blog! We are Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland (HFHGG). We serve in Garland, Sachse, and Rowlett, Texas. Our mission is to put God's love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. How do we do this? We build new homes, repair existing homes, and sell lightly used home and construction products within our community in order to serve those who need it the most. What is Habitat for Humanity? Since the nonprofit’s founding in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has been partnering with families and communities to build homes for those who could otherwise not afford it. In 1993, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland became one of the 1,400 affiliates worldwide that share in HFH’s common vision: a world where everyone has a safe, affordable, and decent place to live. In the last 26 years, HFHGG has worked

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