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Become a Homeowner

Habitat offers a hand up, not a hand out. Our partner families re-pay an affordable mortgage and contribute sweat-equity hours building their home.  Becoming a Habitat homeowner has three basic requirements: demonstrated need for housing, willingness to partner, and ability to pay.

HFHGG is not accepting applications at this time. Please check back at another time.

Income is the first criteria to be met (based on family size): 

GROSS ANNUAL INCOME between $16,250 and $81,550 depending on family size:
(Income includes annual cash receipts BEFORE taxes or deductions from ALL sources:  Salary, SNAP, child support, SSI, disability, AFDC/TANF, Social Security, pensions, alimony/maintenance, regular insurance or annuity, etc.)

1 Person $16,250 $32,460 $43,250
2 People $18,550 $37,080 $49,400
3 People $20,850 $41,700 $55,600
4 People $25,100 $46,320 $61,750
5 People $29,420 $50,040 $66,700
6 People $33,740 $53,760 $71,650
7 People $38,060 $57,480 $76,600
8 People $42,480 $61,200 $81,550

*Per HUD’s Income Limits effective April 2018 

In addition the following criteria MUST be met: 

  • Currently live or work in Garland, Rowlett, or Sachse for at least one year (must be documented)
  • Be a First Time Home buyer
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have 2 years rental and employment history (rental history must be in applicant’s or co-applicant’s name)
  • Agree to Credit and Criminal Background checks – pay a non-refundable fee
  • Must have a credit score of at least 620 with no delinquencies or collections with the exception of up to $3,000 in medical debt


The deadline for the 2017-2018 Homeowner application has passed. Please check back at another time. 

Please complete and submit screening questionnaire (*below) prior to submission of homeowner application. The questionnaire will help you determine if you meet the basic qualifications. 

Applications can be mailed to P.O. Box 462071 Garland, TX 75046, faxed to 972-272-8520, or submitted in person at 2360 Crist Rd., Ste. 700 Garland, TX 75040. Applications that are mailed must be postmarked by the deadline date.

The following required supporting documents MUST be present at the time of submission of your application (in person, by fax, or by mail) to be processed into our lottery system:

  • W-2 statements from all your employers for the past two years
  • Tax returns for the past two years will all schedules. You can request transcripts for free from the IRS by callings 1-800-829-1040
  • Proof of income for SSI, Child Support, Alimony, etc.
  • Two months of pay stubs
  • Two months of all bank account statements
  • Contact information (address and telephone number)  for landlords, employers for the last two years, and Banks where you have accounts
  • If this applies to you, copies of all bankruptcy papers and divorce or separation papers
  • Color Copies of photo ID and Social Security Card
  • Start taking care of debts on your credit report; you’ll have to clear any judgements. You can get your free credit report by calling 877-322-8228 or from
  • Provide photo ID, proof of residency, and citizenship/legal resident status
  • Last two months of utility bills
  • Current credit card statements on all open accounts
  • Current statement on all loans including car loans

Incomplete applications i.e. missing required supporting documentation or late applications will not be processed into our lottery system. No exceptions will be made.

The order in which we receive applications will not correlate to a higher priority or automatic acceptance into the program. We will hold an internal lottery to randomly select potential partners. All applicants will be notified of their status by Thursday, February 15th.  The applicants who are not selected will be placed on a temporary waiting list.

Please complete and submit *screening questionnaire prior to submission of homeowner application. The questionnaire will help you determine if you meet the basic qualifications. Both documents can be found below: 

Path to Partner: Habitat Homeownership Brochure

Home Owner Application_English

Home Owner Application_Spanish

Veterans Build Initiative 

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland became a Veterans Build Affiliate in 2017. We seek to help build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter for local veterans who are in need of affordable housing.

As a part of our 2018 Veterans Build initiative, we have designated some of our 2018 housing to local veterans. All veterans must meet the criteria for Habitat homeownership, be first time home buyers, and have been honorably discharged from service.


Home Owner Application_Veterans

Home Buyer FAQ’s

What is expected of families waiting for their home?

  • Invest up to 300-450 hours of sweat equity (additional hours for adults 18 or older)
  • Complete all Home Buyer education requirements

What is expected after our Homeowners close on their home?

  • Make timely payments
  • Maintain the home
  • Continue to be a witness for Habitat

Do homeowners have a choice of home location?

No. Garland Habitat builds where lots are available. Homeowners do not have a choice of where in the city of Garland, Rowlett or Sachse the home is built. It is determined by the availability of lots.

What size are Habitat homes?

Our typical home is approximately 1200 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a utility closet, living, kitchen, and dining areas. *Home size and design may vary as Garland, Rowlett and Sachse Building codes dictate.

Sweat Equity Hours: Sweat Equity is the term we use to describe the time a home buyer volunteers.

Each Garland Habitat home buyer is required to complete between 300-450 sweat equity hours before a family closes and moves into the house. Of the total hours required, up to 100 hours may be completed by friends and family.

How Do I Earn Sweat Equity Hours?equal-housing-opportunity2

  • Help build a Garland Habitat home on a scheduled build day.
  • Work in the Garland Habitat ReStore.
  • Act as an Ambassador for our program and attend community outreach events.

All sweat equity must be properly recorded and submitted to the Family Support Committee.