Becoming a Homeowner
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Habitat offers “a hand up, not a hand out.”
Our partner families re-pay an affordable mortgage and contribute many hours of manual labor or *sweat equity hours while building their home. Becoming a Habitat homeowner has three basic requirements:
1) A demonstrated need for housing
2) A willingness to partner with HFHGG, and
3) The ability to pay an affordable mortgage.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland is not currently accepting applications for home-ownership. If you are interested in home-ownership, please look at the criteria below to self-determine whether or not you think you qualify for home-ownership through our program. If you qualify you may request to be added to our waiting list.

Sign up to be added to our contact list. PLEASE NOTE: The majority of our new home builds for the foreseeable future will be reserved for Veterans of the United States Military.

Income is the first criteria to be met (based on family size):

GROSS ANNUAL INCOME must be between 30% and 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) depending on family size:
(Income includes annual cash receipts BEFORE taxes or deductions from ALL sources: Salary, SNAP, child support, SSI, disability, AFDC/TANF, Social Security, pensions, alimony/maintenance, regular insurance or annuity, etc.)

2023 Adjusted Home Income Limits

Percentage of Area Median Income (AMI)

30% of AMI
60% of AMI
80% of AMI
1 Person $18,700 $37,380 $49,850
2 People $21,400 $42,720 $57,000
3 People $24,050 $48,060 $64,100
4 People $26,700 $53,400 $71,200
5 People $28,850 $57,720 $76,900
6 People $31,000 $61,980 $82,600
7 People $33,150 $66,240 $88,300
8 People $35,250 $70,500 $94,000

**Per HUD’s Income Limits effective July 2022, percentages are of Area Median Income (AMI)

The following criteria MUST also be met:

  • MUST currently live or work in Garland, Rowlett, or Sachse for at least one year (must be documented)
  • MUST Be a First Time Home buyer
  • MUST Be a US citizen or have permanent resident status
  • Have 2 years rental and employment history (rental history must be in applicant’s or co-applicant’s name)
  • Agree to Credit and Criminal Background checks – pay a non-refundable fee
  • MUST have a credit score of at least 620 with no delinquencies or collections of any kind with the exception of up to $3,000 in medical debt.

Home Buyer FAQ’s

What is expected of families waiting for their home?

  • *Invest up to 300-450 hours of sweat equity (plus hours for additional adults, 18 or older, living in the home)
  • Complete all Home Buyer education requirements

What is expected after our Homeowners close on their home?

  • Make timely payments
  • Maintain the home
  • Continue to be a witness for Habitat

Do homeowners have a choice of home location?

No. Habitat Greater Garland builds where lots are available. Homeowners do not have a choice of where in the city of Garland, Rowlett or Sachse the home is built. It is determined by the availability of lots.

What size are Habitat homes?

Our typical home is approximately 1250-1500 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living, kitchen, and dining areas, and a 2 car garage. ***Home size and design may vary as Garland, Rowlett and Sachse Building codes dictate.

*Sweat Equity Hours: Sweat Equity is the term we use to describe the time a home buyer volunteers.

Each Garland Habitat home buyer is required to complete between 300-450 sweat equity hours before a family closes and moves into the house. Of the total hours required, up to 100 hours may be completed by friends and family.

How Do I Earn Sweat Equity Hours?equal-housing-opportunity2

  • Help build a Habitat Greater Garland home on a scheduled build day.
  • Work in the Greater Garland Habitat ReStore.
  • Act as an Ambassador for our program and attend community outreach events.

All sweat equity must be properly recorded and submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator or Compliance Specialist on a monthly basis.