October 2020

Meet Mrs. Simmons


Allie Turck | Author Elyse Johnson | Editor Published 10/30/2020 Partner Contractors: All Pest Solutions Lone Star State Mitigation After the calamity of World War II, all around the country homes were built for the veterans returning home. Small, manufactured homes made simply and affordably. They were built specifically for those returning veterans and their families. One of those veteran families was Mr. Simmons, a WWII Army Systems Mechanic, and his wife Mrs. Simmons. They bought their home in 1953 for a total of $7,750 dollars, a staggeringly low price compared to today's housing market. Over the years, they were able to manage the upkeep of the house and raised their family in a happy, healthy home. Sadly, things have changed, Mrs. Simmons’ daughter recalls, “After my dad died and since my Mother has gotten a lot older she hasn’t been able to

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Meet: Edrena


Elizabeth Lutz | Author Elyse Johnson | Editor Published 10/16/2020 Partner Contractors: Roof Replacement provided by Swan Roofing LLC Backstory: Edrena is a Garland resident who suffers from Parkinson's disease and seizures. Due to this limitation, she is no longer able to work -- living month to month on very minimal disability checks. After paying all the necessary bills, Edrena has only around ten dollars to herself. This was not enough to put into savings for emergencies such as her roof. Edrena’s roof has been deteriorating for a few months, but because of financial restrictions, she was unable to do anything about it. A friend told her about Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland (HFHGG), and she thought she may as well give it a shot and apply. She prayed about it, and thought that

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