Melesse & Habtam’s Home Dedication


Elyse Johnson | Author Allie Turck | Editor Published 11/20/2020 Photographers: Shae Allen John Lehman Donald Riedesel A celebration of hope and happiness. This is a Home Dedication, beyond the passing of the keys and the signing of papers. Our Habitat Homes represent the coming together of our community to give others a hand-up. Our homeowners work hard with us to help create their safe and affordable home. This past month, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Garland (HFHGG) was proud to have hosted a Home Dedication ceremony for our homeowners, Melesse and Habtam! Background Our Habitat homeowners, Melesse and Habtam, came to the United States from Ethiopia both to join their family in the states as well as escape political turmoil in their country. Melesse came to the States first to secure housing and