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Garland Habitat participates in several programs available to low-income families to help them repair or preserve their home. A Brush with Kindness and Thrivent Repairs are part of a nationwide effort through Habitat for Humanity and national partners to help low-income homeowners maintain the exterior of their homes.

Groups of volunteers work alongside the homeowner to revitalize a home’s exterior. Although these programs are not free, they are an affordable option to low-income homeowners.

We are not currently accepting applications for critical repair. Please check back at a later date. 


2018 HUD Median Income Levels 

City of Garland and Garland Area Habitat for Humanity Critical Repair

1 Person 27,050
2 People 30,900
3 People 34,750
4 People 38,600
5 People 41,700
6 People 44,800
7 People 47,900
8 People 51,350